Brakenetics provides brakes, brake pads and brake accessories.

We’ve grown from humble beginnings back in 2002 into our current warehouse & manufacturing facility with friendly and knowledgeable staff that include sales representatives, will-call personnel, customer service and tech support. Our in-house manufacturing team consists of certified CAD Designers, Programmers, CNC Machine and Milling Machine Operators.

We manufacture & supply superior quality car brake components and brake accessories for almost every automobile from daily driven vehicles to high-performance cars. Our prices are very competitive, we offer quality brake parts, fast shipping, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

All Brakenetics products are guaranteed O.E.M and/or O.E. Replacement Parts that do not require any modification. Brakenetic has partnered with many suppliers from over 7 countries to ensure complete product coverage for all American, European and Asian car lines. We are happy to offer car manufacturer genuine parts (O.E.M) as part of its 60,000+ parts catalog to our customers.

Regardless of what brake product you’re looking for you can rely on Brakenetic for all your brake replacements and performance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Warranty with your Brake Rotors?

Our Premium Line performance brake rotors come with the 18 months manufacturer warranty on cracking and our Sports Line performance brake rotors have a 12 months manufacturer warranty on cracking from date of purchase. Both Premium and Sports Line have a 60 days warranty against warping from date of purchase. Our warranty will not cover any vehicle that is/was modified for extreme performance such as racing, tracking, rallying, 4×4 off road, drifting, etc. Warranty does not cover shipping cost for any returned rotors.

Are your brake components guaranteed to fit?

All of our products in which includes brake rotors, brake pads, brake shoes, brake drums, etc, are manufactured to O.E. (Original Equipment) replacement standards and are guaranteed to fit with no modifications.

What are the benefits of Drilled and/or Slotted Rotors?

Our rotors are machined with drill holes and slot grooves to improve your vehicle stopping abilities. The drilled holes are added to disperse heat for less brake fade, warping and promotes longer brake life. The slotted grooves are machined specifically to help remove water, dirt, and brake dust build-up between the brake pads and rotors.

How are my items being shipped and time-frame for arrival?

All items are shipped FedEx ground or USPS Priority Mail and based on your Postal Code it will normally take up 7 business days or sooner to be delivered. A tracking confirmation number is also provided after purchased.

How long does the rotors last?

Brake rotors and pads wear and tear varies depending on how much and how aggressive you drive your vehicle.

Do I need to break in (bedding-in) the brake rotors and pads?

All new brake rotors and brake pads require the proper break in/bed-in procedure. Rapid heat buildup in the brake system can lead to warped rotors and or glazed brake pads. Most brake pad compounds will take up to 500 miles of moderate driving to fully develop a relationship with the rotors. Depending on the applications the break-in or bed-in period should be between 200-500 miles.

The bedding-in procedure involves a gradual build-up of heat in the rotors and pad compound. This process will allow the brake pad to lay down a thin layer of transfer film on to the rotor surface. Following our bed-in procedure will assure a smooth, even layer of transfer film on the rotor and will minimize brake judder and subtle noises and vibrations that may occur. When not properly following our procedure will lead to uneven pad deposits on the rotor surface and will cause the brake judder and to vibrate. This is often misdiagnosed as a warped rotor(s).

Bedding-in new brake rotors and pads should be done carefully and slowly. Rapid heat build-up in the brake system can lead the brake rotors to be defective and or glazed the brake pads.

Brakenetic does not endorse speeding on public roads and we take no responsibility for speeding tickets or injuries. Please use your common sense.

-Find a quiet road when traffic is light or no traffic at all.

-While driving on a quiet road with no traffic, increase speed to 40 mph then slow down to 10 mph and DO NOT come to a complete stop. Repeat this for up to 10 times.

-You should expect to smell some resin as the brakes get hot and some smoke is normal.

-After this is completed, for at least 5 minutes continue to drive without coming to a complete stop. This is the cooling stage and will allow the resin to cool off and cure.